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Dear Bella Skincare Friends and Customers,

During 2013 Bella Skincare has been listening to you, our friends and customers. We have taken some time to reflect on what you have told us about your needs, preferences and expectations; and what that means for Bella Skincare, if our brands are to maintain their status as part of your life and beauty regime. 

Based on our reflections the Bella Skincare management team has set our sights to bring you a new Medical Aesthetics experience. Asian customers are becoming increasingly comfortable with cosmetic enhancements. But rather than seeking these in a clinical medical environment, what you have told us is that you desire a more relaxed spa-styled retreat, where you have access to a full suite of cosmetic specialists, and before and after care for your aesthetic procedure.

Our parent company, Global Beauty International Group, will open our first Medical Aesthetics Beauty Retreat in Malaysia in January 2014.

Following its decision to fully commit to the Medical Aesthetics Beauty Retreat, our group decided to “slim” down our geographic footprint, concentrating on our more mature and established cosmetic beauty markets. As part of this, our Bella Skincare operations in China were sold during summer 2013.  Global Body International Group will continue to operate Bella Skincare in Hong Kong and our South East Asian markets.

We look forward to the coming months when we will be able to unveil the exciting details of our new Beauty Retreat in Malaysia.

Until then,

Amy Quek
Chief Executive Officer


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親愛的Bella Skincare朋友與客戶:

Bella Skincare一直聆聽您的心聲,這一年以來十分感謝您提供的寶貴意見,並向我們反映您的需求、喜好及期望,讓我們更深入思考未來的發展方向。Bella Skincare品牌一直在巿場保持領先地位,您的意見回饋,有助我們提供更貼身、貼心的服務,把品牌融入您的生活,成為您的美麗伴侶。

Bella Skincare管理團隊經過深思熟慮,誠意為您帶來全新的醫學美容體驗,突破傳統的臨床醫療式服務,讓客戶在體驗一站式頂尖醫學美容療程的同時,可以悠閒放鬆享受到更舒適的環境與專業團隊帶來美容前後的悉心護理與服務,感受尊貴無比的美容新境界。

我們隆重宣佈,隨著業務發展,我們的母公司Global Beauty International Group將於2014年1月在馬來西亞開設我們的首間醫學美容中心。 未來一年,我們更計劃擴展至其他8個城市及地區。

我們承諾,將會全心投入更先進、更優質的醫學美容領域, 不遺餘力地邁步向前。而為了專注於更成熟及發達的美容市場,我們已於2013年夏季出售Bella Skincare在中國大陸的業務。Global Beauty International Group將繼續在香港及東南亞市場經營Bella Skincare的業務,繼續精益求精。




Amy Quek

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