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Q1 Is there any change to my package?
  There is no change to your package.  You may continue to enjoy all your current benefits.
Q2 Why did you sell Bella Skincare in China?
  For some time our customers have been asking for more sophisticated surgical-type procedures.  During 2013 we’ve been reviewing our business in light of these requests, and decided to invest in new medical aesthetic equipment and a day retreat facility where the treatments can be carried out. This investment has necessitated us to focus on our more mature and established markets, so we decided to sell our Bella Skincare business in China.

Will you be selling other businesses?

  China is the only market where we will no longer operate the Bella Skincare brand. 
Q4 Can I still use my package that I bought in Hong Kong or South East Asia to have treatments at Bell Skincare in China?
  No. Selling the Bella Skincare business in China means that we can no longer offer our clients service in China.
Q5 Will there be any changes at my treatment center?  Will my therapist change?

No, everything at the Bella Skincare centers in Hong Kong and South East Asia will remain the same.



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Q1 我的療程服務是否有任何影響?
Q2 為何出售Bella Skincare 在中國大陸的業務?
  長時間以來,我們的客戶一直要求提供更頂尖的醫學美容服務。在2013年,我們經過深入考慮客戶的需求後,決定投資全新的醫學美容設備及醫學美容中心,拓展醫學美容療程,並更專注於較成熟及發達的市場,因此我們出售Bella Skincare 在中國大陸的業務。
Q3 會否出售其他業務?
  我們只出售了Bella Skincare品牌在中國大陸的市場,並會在其他東南亞及香港地區加大投資及發展。
Q4 我可以在中國大陸的Bella Skincare享受已購入的療程服務嗎?
  我們已出售Bella Skincare在中國大陸的業務,亦即是我們不再在中國大陸為客戶提供服務。但各位客戶仍可在香港、澳門及東南亞國家享受在本港購入的療程。
Q5 為我提供服務的療程中心、顧問和美容師會否因為出售了中國大陸的業務而有任何改變?
  不會。香港、澳門及東南亞的Bella Skincare中心一切運作如常。

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